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Now it’s easier than ever to identify puppies in large litters.

Packs of eight color-coded Total Pet Health™ Puppy ID Collars have removable number rings to increase your identification options. Order multiple packs and mix and match colors and numbers to track litters of nine puppies or more.

Durable collars have adjustable Velcro® tabs for a secure fit


  • Toy collars measure 6 cm W and adjust to fit necks from 12.5 to 20 cm (5" to 8")
  • Regular collars measure 1.2 cm W and adjust to fit necks from 15 cm to 6" to 30.5 cm (10" to 16")
They are available in packs of eight, with a removable number band. 

Directions for use:
  1. Place collar around puppy’s neck with the hard Velcro® side facing in and the soft side facing out.
  2. Push the end tab of the collar on the hard Velcro side against the soft side for a secure fit.
  3. Collars should fit snugly, but not too tightly.
For litters of more than eight puppies, buy multiple packs and use the numbers to distinguish between collars of the same color.