Belly Bands - Small

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  • The reusable diapers are designed with Velcro adjustable closures for fast and easy handling.
  • Small size suits waist - 31.5 cm to 39 cm approximately (12.5" to 15.5")
  • Perfect for untrained puppies and male dogs that suffer from excitement urination or incontinence.
  • Premium reusable diapers are made with the best quality materials. Made of a soft mesh fabric and double layered super absorbent pad that is smooth to the dog’s skin. Highly absorbent inside, with a 100% waterproof outer layer that prevent leaks. Let your dog be free while protecting your house sofa, couch, carpets and seat cars. 
  • They are durable, economical and machine washable so can be used again.  Much more environmentally friendly than disposable diapers.