Show Coat - Satin Lined

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*** Custom Coats - Our coats can be made in other colours and other sizes ***

Payment is required up front for any custom work.  Prices vary depending on size of dog, type of material used for top and any other special requirements.  

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Our coats are all satin lined.  The top layer is usually a Cotton type of material.  Some have different fronts on them and all come with enclosed elastic leg straps at the back.

For example - Prices for a show coat to suit medium size cocker spaniel.  

*  Slip over head - $30.00

*  Velcro fasteners on the front / chest - $32.50

* Oriental Brocade top coat (when available) - $35.00

* Larger dog = Larger material = more cost

Occasionally we do have pre-made Cocker Coats - these will be listed separately, so look out for those.


 N.B.  Pictures below are samples only, these coats are all sold.