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The Corner Cruiser bowl is the only dog anti spill dog water bowl made specifically for crates, kennels and small spaces.  It has all the same benefits as the Cruiser Bowl but fits snugly in a corner and it is still anti spill, keeps long ears dry, stops puppy water play and  reduces beard dribble.

If used in a crate etc a simple Rapstrap (reusable zip tie) - one is currently included in price for your convenience.  Alternatively an octopus strap etc can be used to hold it in place, some sticky Velcro dots underneath or anti slip matting also works well.

The bowl holds about 2.5 litres of water and is suitable for all dogs great and small.

Providing a safe and hygienic water supply to your dog where ever you are and whatever you are doing.

The process to manufacture the Corner Cruiser is very different to the round cruiser bowl and as such is more expensive.  The benefits though far out way the additional cost.

Just think how many people travel with those stainless steel buckets hanging on the side of their crates with water slopping all over their crates, car, belongings and dogs. Well no more. This is the PERFECT solution.