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Going to a dog show and need somewhere to put all your brushes, mobile, keys, water bottle whilst you push your dog in his/her trolley up to the ring  ?? 

Then look no further than our Show Trolley Organisers.  They attach to your show trolley via velcro and can easily hold all of those smaller things that fall from the top of your trolley, including leads, catalogues and your grooming products.

There are 4 smaller pockets up the top - great for phone, keys, show leads etc. and 3 larger pockets down the bottom suitable for catalogue, spray bottle, towel and other accessories. 

Some even come with matching hand towels.

Prices range from -

* $25 for simple trolley holder 

* $32.50 for trolley holder with kennel name only - glitter or plain

* $35 for simple trolley holder with matching hand towel

* $35 for breed inspired trolley holder

* $40 for personalised trolley holder 

* $45 for a dog inspired set with matching hand towel

Also good to hang in your camper or caravan, put your toiletries in them, hang one in the kids toyroom.  So they do have many uses.

Plus, they can also be made in colours of your choice. (prepayment required for this option).

They are made to a general size - however, sometimes depending on material available, some are not as wide as others.